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($30.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Includes 8 Stuffholders and a carrying bag

Available in Red, Black, Blue and Green felt




($30.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

 Includes 12 Stuffholders and a carrying bag 

 Available in Red, Black, Blue and Green felt 




($30.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

 Includes 16 Stuffholders and a carrying bag

 Available in Red, Black, Blue and Green felt 


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Game Night Table Topper


The Ultimate Board Game Accessory

The Game Night Table Topper is an affordable solution to make your game nights as fun and convenient as possible.  It is our way of bringing a portable, table protecting product to the board game market.  Whether you want to protect a stylish dining room table you already own or maximize the space you have on a smaller coffee table our product will make gaming easier and protect your furniture from spills and dice marks.  The cup holders keep condensation off the play space while the felt lining makes dealing and handling cards more simple.  We now offer "Stuff Holder Extenders" to make the Stuff Holders taller, keeping drinks more stable.

Our Kickstarter

We created the Game Night Table Topper to reduce the stress of game night and bring a convenient, affordable option to gamers who want to protect their tables and games from wear and tear.  This table topper is portable and storable so that it can be put away when you are not using it and set up easily when you want to host game night.  

We love the idea of having a table in the home dedicated to board games, but that is not a reality for everyone.  It doesn't fit our budget or even our apartment.  This idea is based on something we saw a need for in our own lives and we brought it to Kickstarter, and turns out others love it too.  We are a small, independent game design company, and thanks to Kickstarter we have made that dream a reality!

The Stuff Holders not only keep drinks stable, they keep condensation off the playing surface so that cards and game pieces won't be in danger of water damage.  We plan to move the  Stuff Holders to an "off center position" for the production run, as play testing has proved their current setting is not ideal. As part of our preorders we are also offering "Stuff Holder Extenders."

Our table topper folds up so that you can store it easily.  The final product will also come with a custom carrying bag, so you can take it with you on trips or to gaming conventions! 

The soft felt surface has a bit of cushion to it, which makes picking cards up off the table easy and eliminates the fear of creasing or folding.  The raised armrests are a synthetic leather that add comfort and block dice from rolling off the table. 

The first production run will come in three sizes, this is our prototype of the medium size, designed for 6 players. 

We will also have 4 colors to choose from! Red, green, black and blue.

We had a great response and our Kickstarter has officially funded.  We are offering preorders to anyone that missed out on the campaign while wait for our final count, the colors that our customers want and the payment from Kickstarter to go through.  It's not too late to get in on the first shipment, but preorders for our first run will be closed at the end of October.

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